NEW STARTER BLOG: Get To Know Hannah Martin- Our Customer Services Advisor

Hannah joined us last year in our Purchasing department and has recently moved across into the sales team as a Customer Services Advisor



1. Can you give us a bit of a background of your previous role/qualifications etc?

    My previous career history has been varied, I qualified as a Nail Technician when leaving school and after this I entered into the electrical industry. My roles have always been customer service and admin based until I came to Allett as a Purchasing Administrator.

    I have been with Allett a year in March, I have worked my way from a temporary purchasing administrator to a permanent customer service advisor. I really have seen the full scale of a Lawn Mowers life cycle, from reading drawings, ordering parts, to seeing the mower in production to end user orders.

    When I started at Allett I was chosen to be part of Allett's new Stirling launch, this was a great achievement for me and I really enjoyed being involved with this project.


    1. Can you give us a bit of background on your life e.g. where you live/married/kids/hobbies/pets- what you do in spare time/hobbies etc- any interesting facts

    I have a 5 year old Labrador, his name is Milo. I live locally and I have just brought my first property!

    In my spare time I like to socialise, I explore the chase with my dog and of course as a typical woman I am a shopaholic. I have a passion for cars and I enjoy watching the F1.


    1. What is the proudest moment of your working career so far?

    My proudest moment in my career is joining a company that notices my potential. I strongly believe that all decisions you make in life lead you to where you are meant to be.


    1. What are you most excited about working for Allett?

    The reason why I chose to take a permanent contract at Allett is because I love the family feel of the company. I am most excited to see how our Customer Service department grows, we have so much potential to be bigger and better than ever before! I’m looking forward to seeing the journey of Allett growing.


    1. What does your new job role involve on a day to day basis?

    My daily role is very different from my previous, I am now customer facing again.

    I’m responsible for handling customer/dealer experience and essentially making sure that all customers are happy, dealing with any issues, order queries, etc and never losing focus of customer satisfaction.


    Favourite film

    I have way too many but a few: Dirty Dancing, Parent Trap, The Purge and of course Fast & Furious.


    Favourite holiday destination 

    Greece, I go every year


    Favourite food if you had to choose one meal!

    Lasagne and salad


    Fav Sports team? 

    West Brom!


    What famous people would you have around your dinner table and why? 

    Tupac so I can ask if the illuminati theory is correct.


    Any hidden talents/ claim to fames! 

    I can balance a spoon on my nose and I have double jointed thumbs. Charlotte Church is my second cousin.

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