Allett CC20G 20
Allett CC20G 20

CC20G new but not in original box

 £1000 + VAT

RRP usually £2442 inc VAT

Contact FG Adamson for more details 

 01482 636203



Our Allett Accessories ensure that you can provide the perfect cut including the 10 Blade Cutting Cylinder and Groomer.

Made of hardened and ground steel, the 10 blade cutting cylinder and bottom blade produce a super fine, precision-cut perfect for bowling or golfing greens where a smooth lawn surface is essential.

The benefits over a groomer, as opposed to the cutting cylinder alone, is that the groomer lifts the grass before making a cut, meaning an even more sharp, precise finish.

Cylinder mowers require little maintenance compared to rotary mowers making them the perfect machine for larger lawns that need that little extra attention.

The cutting motion that our cylinder mowers imitate ensure that the end of the grass blades are left sharp and level as it mimics a scissor-like cutting action.

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