Ex-Demo Allett Buckingham 20H Petrol Cylinder Mower S20-078
Ex-Demo Allett Buckingham 20H Petrol Cylinder Mower S20-078

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Buckingham 20H – Current Demo Machine – Serial 20-078 – £2699.00 + VAT – Delivery Costs Extra – 12 Month from Delivery date Warranty as Per Allett Terms and Conditions


Please contact our Allett aftersales department for further details.

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Email address stores@allett.co.uk


Shining with heritage, craftsmanship and quality, the Allett Buckingham can deliver a fine, close-up, professional finish, and bring magnificent stripes to any garden. 


  • 196cc Honda GX200 easy start unleaded petrol engine
  • 3.1-litre fuel tank
  • 51cm (20”) cutting width
  • Six-blade cutting cylinder
  • 73 cuts per metre
  • 5mm – 35mm height of cut 
  • Variable height positions. Bale-bar for cylinder and/or roller drive

This hard-working, general-purpose mower is designed for the serious home gardener and semi-professional who may be maintaining formal lawns, parks and gardens, cemeteries and ornamental grass.

The Buckingham 20H with 20” (50.8cm) cut is equipped with a six-bladed precision cutting cylinder delivering 73 cuts per metre. It features a 196cc Honda four-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine at the heart of the self-propelled mower, driving the rear-roller as well as the cutting action, and also feature infinitely variable micro cutting height adjustment from 3/16 to 1 3/8 (5mm-35mm).

An optional trailing seat with Autosteer can be specified, designed to follow the movements of the mower to the millimetre when turning, so the rider can cut accurately right up to the edges, obstacles, borders and pathways while riding conveniently with the mower.

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