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Allett Announce Groundbreaking New "Allett Stripe-Ready' Lab Controlled Lawncare Service

We are proud to be introducing our new business idea that is set to revolutionise the way you maintain your lawn. Our new "Allett Stripe-Ready' Lab Controlled Lawn Service is designed to take the hassle out of lawn maintenance and give you the perfect lawn you have always dreamt of.

With our service we provide the tool to cut and roll up your lawn and we will take care of the rest. Our new 'Lawn Lifter' is available to hire as part of our subscription service. Our team of experts will collect the rolls of turf, fertilise, scarify, remove all weeds and mow stripes to create a perfect lawn. And the best part? We will return your lawn for you to reinstall leaving you with a lush green striped lawn that will make your neighbours envious. We can install your lawn for you at an extra cost.


Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining your lawn and hello to the perfect lawn you have always wanted. With our service, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the hard work. Our team of experts will ensure that every aspect of your lawn is taken care of, from removing weeds with our special laser beam to creating perfect Allett stripes so you don't have to. You can pick what stripes you want on your lawn from the famous majestic Buckingham stripes to the Sleek stripes of the Allett Stirling.

Ring us for a competitive quotation to take your lawn away and give it the love it needs so that you can have a wonderful striped lawn. A weekly mowing service is also available by leaving your rolled-up lawn on your driveway ready for collection and return on a same day basis.

Allett have come up with a groundbreaking new turf cutter  to compliment this new service that is sure to leave you amazed. The new invention the 'Allett Lawn Lifter' designed by Allett's Design Engineer Shaun Etherington is a revolutionary device that cuts and rolls your turf up in one easy step allowing you to send it off to the Allett factory for a range of services including striping, scarifying, aerating, and more. 
The Allett Turf Cutter also comes with a built-in artificial intelligence system that can analyse your lawn and provide customised recommendations and reports to send to Allett with your rolls. Yes you heard that right – this machine can think for itself and tell you exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. It's like having a personal lawn care expert right in your own back yard.
The Allett Lawn Lifter is easy to use even for those who have never operated a turf cutter before. The machine is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, so you can easily cut and roll your turf without any hassle. The rolling mechanism is designed to be gentle on your turf so you can be sure that your grass will remain in top condition during the entire process. Imagine coming home to a perfectly striped and manicured lawn without having to lift a finger!  Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your lawn is being treated by the best in the business. 
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