For a high quality professional cylinder mower, you can’t beat Allett’s Professional Mower Range. 

Sports & Pro Range

We manufacture the best quality professional cylinder mower for the sports professional and a variety of sports grounds. We currently supply some of the most famous sports grounds, worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a bowling green mower, baseball mower, stadium mower, tennis mower or cricket mower, we can guarantee that we have the solution for you within our range of professional cylinder mowers.


The Allett Shaver is a beautifully-balanced fine-turf mower and is a great choice for cricket, bowls and golf clubs requiring a precision-cut cylinder mower that is easy to use, simple to maintain and a delight to operate. These attributes make the Shaver ideal also for all other users wanting a close-cut mower capable of producing a first-class finish on quality sports, leisure and ornamental grass. Available in 510mm (20'') and 610mm (24'') cutting widths.


The Tournament is equipped with an integral powered turf groomer that uses thin, closely spaced vertical blades to lift lateral grasses and “runners” immediately in front of the 10-bladed cutting cylinder. The result is a consistently level, true and even finish, meeting the exacting requirements of sports such as bowls, cricket and golf where speed and run of the ball are key. Available in 510mm (20'') and 610mm (24'') cutting widths.


The Buffalo truly is the great ‘all-rounder’ in the Allett line-up, capable of producing a first-class finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even wet conditions. Choose the Buffalo 20, 24 or 27 for regular mowing of ornamental grass in public and private parks and gardens. Combining a wide cut with low weight, the Buffalo 34 is ideal for maintaining larger, sensitive areas such as sports grounds and prestige lawns and can be seen mowing the pitches at grassroots level to some of the world’s biggest and most famous stadiums.


Designed to meet requests from groundsmen all over the world, The Allett C-Range offers the end user versatility with the option to interchange an array of cartridges for a wide range of turf-care tasks. Not only is there the convenience of performing multiple turf maintenance tasks using one machine, owners such as sports clubs, turf maintenance contractors and other professionals also benefit from the value of the investment.


This solid and dependable stadium rotary mower has a wide 86cm/34” working width. Its twin contra-rotating blades produce a high lift cut and vacuum for increased efficiency while a full width rear roller produces the most perfect stripes. Ideal for debris collection after matches, the Uplift86 features a five speed heavy-duty gearbox which allows the operator

to select a comfortable forward speed with greater control in small, intricate areas. 


The Allett Regal is regarded by groundsmen around the world as the ultimate large-area dedicated cylinder mower suitable for cricket pitches, sports grounds and other large open grass areas. The Regal is acclaimed for its build quality, work rate and ease of operation. With hydrostatic forward and reverse drive, the machine boasts infinitely variable mowing speeds with variable clips per metre.

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Allett’s after-sales service team are as important to you as the high specification of our products. We are committed to provide an exceptional level of service to ensure that regular maintenance, winter service and break-down support is easy and cost effective. Consider leasing our machines with maintenance included in your monthly payments for predictable cost of ownership.

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