Get inspired by these amazing lawns - and the remarkable people who created them. Introducing the winners of our International Creative Stripes competition.


If you think that striped lawns are limited to the homes of the British, you need to look at some of the past entries. Striped lawns used to be the preserve of the British garden, but now keen gardeners from around the globe compete each year for this coveted green award.

Congratulations to Ed Aitken for winning the 2022 Allett Creative Stripes Competition with his incredible design at Cornbury House. Ed has entered for several years now and finally got his hands on the top prize #allettmowers #lawncare 

''A little over three years ago we moved into a new construction house that didn’t have any landscaping. Over the next two years I worked to install sprinklers and manage the hydroseeded lawn as it filled in. I watched many YouTube videos on DIY lawncare and became more and more impressed by what I saw could be accomplished in a lawn. Eventually, I saw Keith Smith’s design that he won the 2018 Allett Creative Stripes Competition, and I was inspired to take the plunge and try to enter the competition myself!''  (2021 Champion, Dennis West, USA)

Over the past year we have been forever grateful for the NHS and 2020's winning entry is a lovely tribute to them. Andrew Wain (Head Gardener of Euridge Manor) has placed high in our stripes competition for the last few years and this year has gone one better! 

Our 2019 Champion was Czako Erik from Hungary. He beat entrants from 10 different countries to be crowned our winner and was awarded an Allett Liberty 43 with ALL of its cartridges from our Hungarian Dealer- Agrolanc.

''We have won it. Austin (MD of Allett) rang me to tell me the news and he mentioned this was the first year that the winner was not from England and he really congratulated me. We hope that people will take inspiration from our design to achieve a similar result in their own gardens at home'' 

A massive well done to Keith Smith for winning our 2018 competition. He has entered for three years in a row now and used 2 push mowers to create his pattern- it just shows its not the tools its how you use them! It will inspire a lot of people that live in a normal house with a normal sized lawn that they can achieve anything!

In 2017 we had another strong year and were thoroughly pleased to see entries coming in from all over the world including USA, Czech Rep, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Estonia; as well as the UK. The competition encourages anyone with a flair for creativity and pride in their lawn/sports pitch to enter and compete for the title.


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