ALLETT produces the widest range of walk-behind cylinder mowers for the home garden lawn. We are proud to be the leaders in this cylinder mower sector producing a mower system for all sized lawns and budgets. 

Homeowner Range

Expertly-built, reliable, well-proven grass-cutting cylinder mowers which produce a seemingly effortless first-class finish to every lawn on which they are used. Mowing your lawn with an Allett garden cylinder mower ensures a crisp cut every time due to their precision blades and rollers. The Homeowner Range comprises the Stirling, Liberty, Kensington, Classic, Sandringham, Buckingham and Westminster.


Designed for the home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Stirling battery-electric range of expert mowers offer our most exact and robust mowing to date, with the Allett® cartridge system giving professional level cultivation and clean-up for lawn-thatch control, autumn renovations and weed control.


Cordless cylinder mowers powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries for zero-emissions, low-noise levels and reduced running costs. Our most popular Homeowner range, Liberty mowers are available in three cutting widths (30cm/35cm/43cm). Ideal for small-medium lawns 75-280m2.


The Kensington petrol cylinder mower is the premium interchangeable cartridge machine in the Allett Homeowner range and is designed for expert home gardeners with medium to large lawns up to 400m2. It is our most popular petrol model and is compatible with all the cartridges in the Allett range, creating our most versatile and comprehensive lawn-care machine.


The Classic Petrol mower is a quality machine that is also simple and graceful that gives its operator a prestige cut and of course, a killer stripe down their lawn. This mower is versatile, smart and classy, and ideal for any lawn enthusiast who wants nothing more than the perfect cut. Available in a 14'' (Classic 14L) or 17'' (Classic 17L) model.


This hardworking, heavy-duty and traditional mower series is designed for the serious home gardener or semi-professional who is maintaining formal lawns, parks and gardens, cemeteries and ornamental grass. The additional weight of the chassis and large engine, while well balanced over the rear roller, presses the strongest and longest lasting stripes of all. Available in three widths; the Buckingham 20H with a 20" (510mm) cut, the Buckingham 24H with a 24" (610mm) cut and the Buckingham 30H with a 30" (762mm) cut. Optional trailing seat available.


The superb, close-cut of the Westminster mower is suitable for the mowing of cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens and the finest formal ornamental lawns. The 20" (510mm) width of follows contours and undulations without scalping at these low heights.

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