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Take a look behind the scenes at the Allett Mower factory.

Handmade in Britain Since 1965

Ever since the first Allett mower was made by founder Reg Allett in 1965, we have maintained and built-upon a tradition of craftsmanship. These skills have been passed-on and developed over decades. Every Allett mower is still hand-assembled by our highly-skilled team at our factory in Staffordshire, England.

Most people may think our parts are all imported but we make the majority of them in-house with robotic welders and laser cutters – this way we can ensure our machines are made out of the highest quality parts and have been all quality checked individually.

Every Mower Made by Us

We have two ranges; the Homeowner (Domestic) Range and the Sports/Professional Range. Each part of the factory is responsible for different areas of production, and we also produce high quality accessories that enable you to get the most out of your machine.

The making of an Allett Sandringham on the assembly line. The chassis, cylinders and rollers are made in another part of the factory. Each member of staff has their own production role working as a team on the line.

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