Renovate Your Lawn with the Aggressive Dethatcher Cartridge

If you're a lawn enthusiast you'll know the importance of keeping your lawn healthy and well-maintained. One crucial aspect of this is removing excess thatch and moss from your sward. This is where our Dethatcher cartridge comes in which is specifically designed for use with the Kensington and Stirling mowers and is the most aggressive cartridge in our range capable of penetrating the soil to a depth of -6mm (in the Kensington) or 10mm (in the Stirling). You need to judge the penetration depth you set this cartridge to by your own lawn. You don't want to be putting too much strain on your mower if your lawn is in serious disarray. Start on a higher setting and gradually lower as you reduce the thatch levels slowly.

The Dethatcher cartridge features wider spaced and thicker tines than other cartridges in the range. This design allows it to effectively remove dense layers of thatch, dead grass, leaves, plant stolons and weed growth from your lawn. By removing this material your lawn becomes less susceptible to disease and encourages healthier, thicker and better grass growth.


When excess thatch and moss are present they can prevent water, air and nutrients from being absorbed into the soil and reaching the grass roots. Removing this material enables the soil to absorb these vital elements, promoting optimal growth and maintaining a healthy lawn. It's recommended that the dethatching process should be carried out at least once a year in late Spring or Autumn when moisture is available for the lawn to recover. This is where the Dethatcher cartridge comes in handy. With its aggressive design, it removes twice as much material as the Verticut cartridge making it ideal for use on lawns that require serious attention. Take a look at our Scarifier cartridge if you are looking to keep on top of your thatch levels weekly. This is a spring rake cartridge that is much more gentle.

Find our Scarifier video here

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