Allett Launch The 'Allett Grass Gauge'

Maintaining a beautiful healthy lawn requires precision and attention to detail which as an Allett owner we have plenty of! One of the biggest challenges faced by lawn enthusiasts is accurately measuring the length of the grass to determine the exact height of cut. Here at Allett we have introduced an affordable and user-friendly solution – the Allett Grass Gauge. This will make a great present for the lawn lover in your life!


The Allett Grass Gauge is designed with the following benefits....

  1. Accurate Measurement: The grass gauge enables you to measure the exact height of cut for your grass. With its precise measurements you can confidently maintain an even and uniform lawn.

  2. Grass Blade Condition Assessment: In addition to measuring the height of cut this tool allows you to evaluate the condition of your grass blade tips. By monitoring the blade tips you can identify any signs of damage or disease. You can also check your blades are cutting the grass cleanly and are sharp. If you have a blunt blade your grass will be getting teared and this will cause disease.

  3. Wide Viewing Width: The grass gauge boasts a 50mm wide viewing width providing a comprehensive view of the grass being measured.

  4. Compact and Portable Design: Measuring 100mm in length the Allett Grass Gauge is compact and easy to carry around. Whether you're a professional groundsman or a dedicated homeowner you can conveniently use this tool for regular lawn maintenance or while on the go.



5. Accessibility/Cost effective: Unlike the expensive professional products that were previously the norm we have made precise grass measurement accessible to a wider audience. Now, anyone passionate about maintaining a perfect lawn can benefit from this tool without breaking the bank.

6. Eliminates Guesswork: With the Allett Grass Gauge you can confidently measure the height of cut and make informed decisions about your lawn maintenance activities.


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