Allett Stirling Review- Marcus Pendergrass, USA

I chose the Allett Stirling because I was looking to upgrade from a manual reel mower to a motorised reel mower and I wanted it to be battery powered. The Stirling was perfect for me because I already owned several EGO products and the fact that I could use the batteries that I already had along with the fact that it was coming in a 20inch model was a no brainer for me. I love the cartridge system and the ability to do several different things to my lawn in my quest to having the most healthy lawn in the neighbourhood! The scarifying cartridge is by far the best thing ever!! No more using a rake to dethatch and clean up my lawn because this machine is a beast!! Being able to change out cartridges in just a few seconds is a big plus too! I have a lot to learn in the lawn-care game but the purchase of this machine has definitely put me in the right direction!! Allett did an amazing job with this product!!




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