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Allett Launch UC Groomer Cartridge for the Stirling 43 and Stirling 51

Allett UC Groomer Cartridge for the Stirling 43 and Stirling 51

 Unlock the Full Potential of Your Lawn with the Allett UC Groomer Cartridge

We are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary Allett UC Groomer Cartridge, specifically designed for the Stirling 43 and Stirling 51. Elevate your lawn care routine with this 'cutting-edge' accessory enhancing the versatility and performance of the Stirling mower series.


Why Choose the UC Groomer Cartridge?

The Allett UC Groomer Cartridge transforms your Stirling mower into a powerful tool for intensive lawn maintenance. Here’s why you should consider adding it to your lawn care arsenal:

  1. Enhanced Lawn Health: Designed for shallower, more intensive cultivation the UC Groomer Cartridge effectively removes dying material and promotes new growth by cutting stolons on the surface. This results in a denser, healthier lawn.
  2. Precise Blade Spacing: The 21 mm blade spacing allows for thorough disruption of the sward ensuring optimal water penetration and nutrient absorption. The high-speed, spring steel blades are durable and long-lasting providing consistent performance.
  3. Perfect for Regular Use: Unlike deeper verticutting, the UC Groomer Cartridge can be used frequently without leaving visible scars. It's ideal for maintaining your lawn’s pristine appearance throughout the growing season. Be as aggressive as you want.
  4. Combat Grass Weeds: Regular use of the groomer helps control annual meadow grass by lifting and cutting seed heads breaking their growth cycle and enhancing the overall competitiveness of desirable grass species.
  5. Customisable Intensity: Tailor the grooming process to your lawn’s needs. Adjust the depth and frequency of use based on your lawn’s response to achieve the best results without over-thinning the sward.

User-Endorsed Excellence

Our UC Groomer Cartridge is not just a product but a response to customer needs. Lawn expert Daniel Hibbert has been using this cartridge for months, providing valuable feedback that shaped its design. His insights and tips can be found on YouTube offering practical advice on maximising the groomer's benefits.

Technical Highlights

  • Blade Spacing: 21 mm for intensive combing and vertical growth promotion. More blades than the verticut (28 compared to 13).
  • Material: Durable spring steel blades for longevity and resilience.
  • Compatibility: Exclusively for the Stirling 43 and Stirling 51 models


Optimal Usage Tips

  • Frequency: Use every other mow for best results. Monitor the plant density and adjust the depth and frequency accordingly.
  • Depth Setting: Start with a higher setting and gradually decrease until the desired material removal is achieved. Aim for shallow combing rather than aggressive thatch removal.
  • Speed: Operate at a slow speed for maximum effectiveness. Be cautious of the groomer’s intensity which may pull the mower along if set too deep.


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