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Allett Lockdown Stories- Matt Mars- USA

Name: Matt Mars
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Mower: Allett Kensington 17B (Briggs + Stratton engine)
Grass type: Common/Hybrid Bermuda mix

Bermuda grass seed is rated for its exceptional heat and drought tolerance; it can also withstand heavy use and can repair itself quickly. 

  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Easy to establish
  • Requires little water
  • Hardwearing
  • Will grow on shallow soil

Towards the end of 2019, I decided that I should, and more importantly could, take more pride in my lawn. I had neglected the lawn for the first 6 years of owning my home and allowed it to be overrun with weeds and undesirable grasses. At that point, I began hand-pulling the weeds and undesirables, which left me with an almost blank canvas.


This image below shows my lawn in 2019!

During the 2020 growing season, I was able to get the common Bermuda to begin to fill back in. I began cutting with my rotary mower at 1.5” (38mm) (the lowest setting on that mower), every other day. Once I purchased my Allett in August 2020, I was able to lower my height of cut to .75” (19mm) and more importantly give my grass a higher quality of cut only possible with a cylinder mower. With the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic I had more time to spend in my garden working on my lawn.

We are still in dormancy at the moment, but once the growing season begins again in 2021, I will continue the every other day mowing at .75” and watering 1” per week while implementing a high nitrogen fertilizer regimen.


Why did you go for an Allett Kensington?

I was looking to take my lawn to the next level and I knew that the best way to get the result I was looking for was to upgrade my mower to a cylinder mower. When comparing the various options, the Allett Kensington was my top choice.


What features do you like on your Kensington?

The front roller is standard equipment, quick change cartridge system and the epic green paint scheme aswell as of course the quality of cut.


How many times a week do you mow?

Every other day, but no less than every two (2) days


Have you got any cartridges?

Not yet, but I do plan on acquiring the 10 blade cylinder and the scarifier cartridge


What do your family/neighbours think of your lawn?

It’s a regular occurrence for someone walking or driving by to stop and want to chat about the Allett mower when I am using it. When I am not using it, it’s equally regular for people walking by to stop to appreciate the quality of cut, and stripes, on my lawn produced by the Allett.


What are your plans for this season going forward to further improve your lawn?

A higher nitrogen fertilizer regimen, continuing the every other day mowing and focusing on micronutrient supplementation. Once I have the 10 blade cartridge the quality of my cut will increase as I am generally cutting below 0.78'' (20mm). The scarifier will be a great tool to keep on top of my thatch levels.

 I am a huge fan of Allett and the Kensington 17B. I would highly recommend this machine based on ease of use, versatility and the professional quality of cut.


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