From A Chore to A Privilege: How Allett Transformed My Lawn Care Journey- Erik Baker, USA

My name is Erik Baker and I am from Louisville, Kentucky USA


  1. Mowing of course!
  2. Cooking
  3. Outdoors/Nature
  4. Family Activities

I life with my wife and 3 children who are 7,4 and 3 and a Pomsky who is the TikTok star of the house.


My passion for lawn care came from my uncle Boomer who always took care of his lawn from when we were kids and still to this day has one of if not the best looking lawn/s that I know of. When I was in high school my Aunt whom had back surgery needed help and I took care of her lawn, shaped bushes, planted flowers etc. I spent many hot summer days learning how to cut grass and take care of it.

My journey took a couple of seasons to get here but when we moved in to our first home I looked at cutting grass as a chore for the first two or 3 years. The pandemic happened and I was working a couple of dozen hours a week and I was spending time in the yard for a lot of my days and one morning I had a vision that I was tired of my lawn and I needed a change.

I wanted my lawn to become a lawn that would make me proud to come home to so I hit it hard and killed off everything. I brought in a dump truck of dirt and overseeded what I wanted to keep which was a Bermuda mixture. I decided I wanted to have the best mower available for what I needed and I came across Allett and since I had used a reel mower before I spent months on the decision. When my lawn grew in the spring Allett made my house become a competitor in the neighbourhood. Neighbours would walk over and ask me what I was doing. People would pull the car over and ask me what I did to my lawn. Friends would ask me if that was a striper. My neighbours and family started to call me the groundskeeper.


The decision to get the Kensington was the best decision I ever made. It took me months to decide on it but there was no reason not to get it. The biggest thing that nailed it was the versatility. To go from a cutting cartridge to a scarifier in 5 minutes was a game changer. At the time I had to hook my tow behind dethatcher rake to my rider and carry cinder blocks then after I got all of the thatch I had to rake it up and bag it. My job went from 5 hours to 45 minutes. The design is perfect from the front roller to the rake and back roller. My dream mower is the C34. Allett has made me a life time supporter and has my trust based on results it has given me. Lawn care went from being a chore to now being a privilege.

I have a new renovation project coming this fall being my backyard which will bring my lawn size to 11,000 sqft. With that additional space I have a large confidence that my Allett will be there to raise my lawn game for our get togethers and weekend play for my family.

I’m blessed and thankful to use my Kensington and it has changed my world. I am a proud supporter of Allett for as long as I will be cutting grass for the rest of my life and I hope that my children will remember me spending my days in the lawn and inspire them when they get older.


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