Are You Entering the 2021 Allett Creative Stripes Competition? Do You Fancy Yourself As The Next TV Lawn Star?

Do You Fancy Yourself As The Next TV Lawn Star?


Channel 5 have been in touch with us after seeing our AMAZING lawn-care community on our Allett social media channels...






Channel 5 are making a programme all about lawns, and are looking to get in touch with lawn obsessed people entering into the Allett Creative Lawn Stripes Competition to potentially film with. They will be filming over the next 3 weeks.

This programme will uncover everything there is to know about lawns! A pure celebration of lawns, along with a lot of how to's and a bit of history.

They want to feature a wide variety of lawns - from estates to country houses to residential lawns large and small. They will meet the passionate people who maintain them and find out how they do it.

They want to share the secrets of your mowing techniques, the precision of the perfect patterns you create, and the jealousy it can cause with partners as your lawn really is your life! They’ll debate real versus artificial and dive into the depths of your lawn in the style of the Disney film “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” to find out what REALLY goes on between the grass blades.

Intercut between their stories will be experts telling us everything we need to know about lawns, from the history of the lawn, and the lawn mower, how to maintain your lawn in an eco-friendly way, to how to look after yours through the seasons etc. They will visit the grounds of perfectly manicured lawns of stately homes and football pitches and discover what it takes to keep them so pristine.

 This is the perfect opportunity to get your 10 minutes of fame, have some fun and to share with ordinary people what our lawn obsession is really all about. If you are interested, you need to contact Georgia by email as quickly as you can


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