Get the Perfect Lawn with the Allett Kensington Petrol Garden Mower - Designed for Keen Home Gardeners

Are you ready to take your lawn to the next level? Are you looking for a machine that delivers a precise cutting performance, is easy to use, and can take on multiple lawn-care tasks?  Look no further than the Allett Kensington Petrol Garden Mower made right here in Hixon, United Kingdom.

Designed for keen home gardeners with medium to large lawns, the Kensington mowers are the ultimate cylinder mowers in the Allett Homeowner Range. They are one of our most popular mowers and for good reason. The Kensington can take all the cartridges in the Allett range which means you can use just one machine for a range of lawn-care tasks saving you space in the garage and money in your pocket!


The Kensington petrol has several special features that give it an unbeatable cutting performance. A spring tine comb attached to the front of the mower lifts the grass prior to cutting to ensure an even cut. The mower also features a zinc-plated steel front roller and heavy steel rear roller which help produce those beautiful classic stripes that are the hallmark of an Allett lawn.

Equipped with a six-bladed precision cutting cylinder delivering 79 cuts per metre the Allett Kensington is available in a 14, 17 and 20'' model. There is a choice of two different engine types in the 17'' and 20'' range: a 127cc XR550 Briggs + Stratton petrol engine or a 122cc GX120 Honda engine. The Kensington 14B is fitted with the Briggs engine only.  It also features an infinitely variable micro cutting height adjustment from ¼ to 1 ¼ inch (6mm-32mm) so you have a great choice of cutting heights for various lawn tasks.

For enhanced lawn care, a range of optional additional cartridges can be fitted in place of the standard cutting unit. These include a 10-bladed cutting cylinder, aerator, lawn brush, dethatcher, scarifier, and a verticut cartridge. Achieving a beautiful lawn is more than about just mowing. You need to do a range of other lawncare tasks.

The Kensington is self-propelled and suitable for lawns up to 500m2. Its steel front roller and double section steel rear roller with differential ensure there are no wheel marks left on your lawn. Going away on holiday and can't cut your lawn for a week? The Kensington mower comes with an auxiliary wheel kit for cutting longer grass. Pop the wheels on in place of the front roller for one cut to get your lawn back down to a manageable level. The wheels can also be used in place of the front roller when picking up worm casts with your brush cartridge so you are not smearing them across your lawn.

The Kensington has three handlebar height positions plus folding for storage/transport. It also comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labour giving you peace of mind.

So, whether you want to give your lawn that perfectly manicured look or tackle more challenging lawn-care tasks, the Allett Kensington Petrol Garden Mower has got you covered. Don't settle for a subpar lawn mower - invest in the British made Kensington and take your lawn to the next level!

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