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GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY- Kingsley Greenaway, Kent, UK

Today (Thursday 20th January 2022) is 'Get to Know your Customers Day'. We reached out to a number of our Allett customers from the homeowner to the professional groundsmen to find out more about them.

Kingsley is an active social media user sharing his lawn journey with our Allett instagram community. He uses lawn-care as a way of relaxing away from a stressful role as an Estates Operation Manager at the NHS which I'm sure we can all understand how difficult that has been during the coronavirus period. Kingsley receives hundreds of messages throughout the mowing season from fellow lawn-care enthusiasts reaching out for helpful advice to improve their own lawns.


1. Name/Job

Kingsley Greenaway / Estates Operations Manager for the NHS


2.Family status?

Married with a Beautiful little 3 old girl


3. Where do you live?

Manston in Kent


4.How did you get into lawn-care?

When I was growing up all I ever wanted was to get married have children and have a house and a garden that I could be proud of. My lawn care journey kicked off even more when I was setting up vaccination sites and needed something to escape in to.


5.Whats your lawn journey been so far? Did you renovate your lawn from scratch?


I moved in to a New Build in 2019 and the lawn was an absolute state, I really didn’t understand the depths to getting a nice lawn I literally just thought it was cutting the lawn and watering. I stripped the lawn back and started again and it’s slowly getting there.



6.What grass seed do you use?

A1 Lawns Premiership Pro on the rear lawn and A1 Lawns Shady Mix on the front lawn.


7.How many times a week do you cut? What height of cut in general?

In the growing season I was doing it every 3/4 days as I cut at 34mm. Having a little one I like the longer look and it does better on the hot days due to a south facing garden that gets so much sun.


8.What Allett mower do you use? What do you like about it?

I am the proud owner of the Allett Classic 12E, it’s small but mighty and does a fantastic job on my lawns.


9. What's your favourite cartridge?


I only have the cylinder at present but hoping this year to get the scarifier, hoping Allett may start doing the other ones for the 12E.


10. What are the biggest challenges you face with your lawn?

Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs!! They are such a nuisance but I guess living next to a field it is what it is.


11. Any other hobbies?


When I’m not cutting the lawn I’m playing golf, worked hard to be a single figure handicapper 😀


12. Favourite food?

Italian food hands down the best


13. Dream holiday destination?

I would love to go to New Zealand so I can see my best mate again


14. Which 3 people would you invite around the dinner table?- Famous or not

I would invite Tiger Woods, My Wife and my Daughter


15. If you could invent a lawn tool/ new mower what would it be like?


I think Allett have it covered on this one, although I’d like the 12E to be battery powered and have more cartridges like the rest of the setup.

(Take a look at the Liberty 30!)


16. What are your lawn plans for 2022?

Put in more of the seed type in to the lawns is the main goal and keep those stripes popping!


17. What's your instagram handle?



18.Any tips for lawn-care enthusiasts to help them get a better lawn?  

In honesty if you have social media reach out to the lawn care community on there. I had hundreds of messages last year and it was amazing to help people the same way they have helped me. In the end I created a lawn care document for a legend of a lad that wanted to get more out of his lawn and I posted about it and had hundreds of people asking me for it and then stating how much it had helped them. The same as in my job I help people and that’s what I love doing, information is free and some people have been kind enough to send me little things to say thank you and it’s just amazing.


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