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Today (Thursday 20th January 2022) is 'Get to Know your Customers Day'. We reached out to a number of our Allett customers from the homeowner to the professional groundsmen to find out more about them.

Steven Paul is a regular on our Social Media channels sharing his lawn journey with us. He's an ex Greenkeeper and former gardener and has taken that passion and expertise home with him into his home lawn.


1. Name/ Job

Steven Paul, ex Green Keeper and former Gardener with the Scottish Agricultural and Scientific Agency


2.Family status

Married, no kids, 1 dog, a Miniature Schnauzer called Cookie


3.Where do you live?

East Lothian but I was born in Edinburgh


4. Where did your interest in lawn care stem from?

My first job was in a Garden Centre, I then moved onto a junior gardening position and following redundancy temped for Midlothian Council at Vogrie Estate, they had a golf course which prompted the move to Green Keeping, I studied at Oatridge College in West Lothian, achieving top student of the year and went onto work at Gogarburn Golf Course.


5. What’s your lawn journey been like so far? Did you start from scratch?

We moved down to East Lothian to be closer to my wife’s father after her mother sadly passed away from cancer, we bought a 100 year old cottage which came with a lawn that needed lots of work, I have re-seeded, and top dressed it and will continue to do so along with scarifying and verticutting.


6. What grass seed do you use?

I am now using only premium rye grass seed


7. How many times a week do you cut in the growing season/ What height of cut do you cut at?

I cut 3-4 times per week, I live in Scotland and it’s rarely dry! I start cutting at setting 5-32mm and go to setting 4-25mm in the summer.


8. What Allett Mower do you use?

I use the Allett Classic 14l, it’s a great mower, it gives a beautiful stripe and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg


9. What’s your favourite cartridge?

My favourite cartridge is the verticutter closely followed by the scarifier.


10. What challenges do you face on your home lawn?

Red thread has been a challenge for the last couple of years.


11.  Have you got any other hobbies?

Motorcycling on my Ducati road bikes


12. Favourite food?

I love a steak (chateaubriand) which I have to share with Cookie!


13. Dream holiday destination?

A villa in Cyprus that I went to a few years ago.


14. Which 3 people would you have around the dinner table?

Eric Cantona, Diego Maradona and Barry Sheene


15. If you could invent a new tool or mower what features would it have?

I would love a Sorrel Roller for my Allett machine as the little hand held one almost gives me a heart attack when I have to push it


16. What are your plans for your lawn in 2022?

Top Dress, Re-Seed and continue on.


17. Have you got any social media channels for us to follow?

I am on Twitter at Stevo#23 and Instagram at Stevenpaul57


18. What advice would you give to a fellow lawn-care enthusiast looking to improve their home lawn?

Follow Allett! They give lots of helpful advice and will re tweet useful information from other lawn care enthusiasts.


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