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The Perfect Mower for Summer Stripes (Homeowner Range)

Summertime is quickly approaching, along with warm weather, barbeques and perfectly striped-lawns. We’ve already had a small taste of what might be in store for us Brits, so here's hoping we get more of the sunshine and less of the dark and gloomy rainy days in.

But no matter what the weather, there's one thing we like to see to make it at least feel like it's summer even if the sun doesn't want to come out and that’s a striped lawn. Here at Allett, we take great pride in our British heritage, which since the 1960's have specialised in designing and producing the highest-quality, precision lawn mowers.

Producing the machines, you see working at major cricket and tennis clubs along with the mowers provided to maintain pitches for this years world cup we are known across the UK for our extensive range of professional mowers. But today we're going to be having a look at the mowers that anyone can use to achieve the iconic green stripes you see on the telly, in your own garden.

Homeowner Essential for Summer 2018

The Kensington petrol mower, otherwise known by the Allett team and owners of the machine as the 'ultimate lawn-care cylinder mower,' was designed to be compatible with all of the additional cartridges in the allett range.

Available in three different cutting widths (35.6cm, 43.2cm and 50.8cm), the machine is suitable for every size of lawn and is equipped with a six blade precision cutting cylinder capable of delivering 79 cuts per metre.

But if that's not enough for you, and you require a more enhanced lawn care machine, take a look at our range of optional mowing cartridges that can be used in replacement of the standard cutting unit. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Kensington is manufactured to be compatible with the Allett: 10 bladed cutting cylinder, aerator, lawn brush, dethatcher, scarifier and vertical cartridge, what you do with the Kensington is limited to your own imagination, and ambition to have the strongest stripes for miles. Who knows, you could be the winner of the 2018 Allett Creative Lawn Stripes Competition.

Visit our homeowner range to find the right lawnmower for you.

Find out more about the 2018 Lawn Stripes Competition here.

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