Lawn Tips For February in the UK

Here's what you should be doing to your lawn in February 
  • We’ve had some good frosts in January, so hopefully we’ll get some more this month as well. They’ll do wonders for insect control throughout the garden.
  • As with any frosts, those with fine lawns should wait until the frost has lifted before going on. You can bruise the grass, leaving unsightly black footprints in the lawn which can turn brown as the grass leaf dies.


  •  If it looks like it is going to snow (the Daily Express has promised a” Snow Bomb” again!), and you are concerned that the snow will affect the lawn, then Turf Hardeners or iron-based fertilisers can be used to ‘toughen’ the lawn and to keep any fungal diseases such as Snow Mould at bay.
  • Leaf and debris collection should continue when conditions allow. If leaf litter is left, it will stop the light from getting to the grass underneath.
  •  Please don’t forget about arranging to have your mower serviced. At the very least, wash it down and grease or oil the working parts; if it’s a petrol mower, please remove any remaining petrol as this can go stale. Organising your mower to be serviced by an authorised dealer is far preferable.


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