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The Dream Lawn- Nikolas HW Konietzko, Ontario (Canada)- Allett Stirling

My name is Nikolas Konietzko and I'm from Ontario in Canada.I am a retired owner of a dental laboratory where I worked for 44 years. My profession required absolute perfection which probably gave me OCD. More on that later.
My interest in lawn care started in my late teens when my summer chore was to cut the lawn. Many years later I began to follow a lawn care expert by the name of Jerry Baker.
Jerry Baker had the belief that a great lawn could be achieved with the use of many common products found around the household  i.e. Beer, Ammonia, Corn Syrup, Dishwashing Detergent etc. You can search Jerry Baker on Youtube and obtain his various formulas.
About 25 years ago, I discovered that I could use a reel mower to cut the lawn grass species I had ( Kentucky Blue, Perennial Rye and Red Fescue). I was breaking all the rules by cutting at 1 and a 1/2 inches.
Over the last 25 years I have had a total of 6 different mowers before I discovered the Allett company. Because I live in Canada until 3 years ago it was hard to get an Allett mower in Canada. Then by chance I discovered 

Allett Canada. 

Allett Canada Inc.
845 Thorndale Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 6Y1

1 (905) 865-1093


Last year I purchased the Kensington 20B as well as the Verticutter and Scarifier cartridges. Late last fall I saw that the Stirling 51 was coming so I ordered one from Allett Canada.The Kensington did an absolutely wonderful job, but I decided to go electric.
The Stirling 51 in my opinion is the best lawn mower I have ever owned. To call it just a lawn mower does not do it justice. The Stirling 51 is an engineered marvel. The fit and finish is like a Ferrari. When using the machine I feel totally connected to the lawn. It runs so smooth and quiet, I swear you can hear it cutting every blade of grass.
Now back to my OCD. I do cut my lawn every other day, that way it never looks like it needs to be cut, and it always looks perfect. I just love using the Stirling and I consider my lawn one of my hobbies. I scarify once a month during the summer, however in the spring and fall I use the scarifier once or twice a week to pick up debris, leaves and maple keys.
My neighbours say I have the best lawn around and have given me the title of  "Lawn Enforcement Officer.” For anyone thinking of buying a reel mower, all I can say is Allett is one of the best investments I have made in my entire life.
Allett is simply the best.



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