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The Perfect Mower for Summer Stripes (Pro Range)

From the small and agile to the large and powerful, we're going to tell you how to go about finding the perfect outfield cylinder mower from our professional/sports range for the best summer stripes. With a vast arsenal of mowers coming out of our factory every day we have mowers to help you contend with cricket, football, rugby and many more professional sports grounds. Currently supplying some of the most well-known sports ground worldwide, you can't beat the high-quality professional cylinder mower range by Allett. But Spring 2018 has sprung and with it came cricket season, so we're going to be paying attention to the sport and highlight one of the machines that we feel is an essential for anybody with a cricket field to maintain.

Allett Essential for Summer 2018: Regal Mower

Perfect for any cricket pitch, the Allett Regal Mower, or otherwise known by groundskeepers across the world as the ultimate large-area cylinder mower, is used by prestigious cricket grounds such as Lords and our partners at Edgbaston, and is suitable for everything from cricket pitches, sports grounds, and other large outfields. Recognised for its fantastic built quality, efficiency and ease of use, the Regal was designed with state of the art hydrostatic forward and reverse drive. Boasting infinitely variable speeds of operation, along with variable cuts per metre, the mower gives the operator ultimate control over the machine and their grounds. Paired with fantastic power steering and an independent steering system, the Regal (despite its size) is capable of extraordinary control and turning ability, helping to make sure you get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible. As many people will already know, spring is the most critical season of the year when it comes to caring for your cricket pitch. After a long, wet and icy winter your cricket, football or rugby pitch will need some maintenance work doing and there's no better way to do that than with the Allett Regal mower.

Must-have Regal Accessory

The TS00/1 Trailing seat, compatible with the Regal Mower, adds some comfort to your mowing session and enables the operator to sit while mowing, without losing any control. The innovative in-built steering system ensures that the seat always follows the line of the mower when turning or mowing around obstructions and curved borders. Being able to mow more effectively and faster in a single session, due to the roller attachment at the bottom of the seat achieving perfect sharp lines, we've found this attachment to be extremely popular for anyone with a lot of ground to cover. Visit our Sports/Professional mower range to find the right cylinder mower for you. Take a look at the Mower in action as the Lord's Groundsmen maintain excellence with the Allett Regal Mower and attachable trailing seat, or our own Regal product testimonial here.
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