Purchase An Allett Mower Online

At Allett, for over fifty years we have taken great pride in our heritage, and as a wholly British company, we are proud to have provided our services to customers across the country for decades. However, as one of the leading manufacturers of British mowers, and having a well established and respected position in the industry, the team at Allett Mowers are continually looking for new ways to innovate both in our mower product offering and our services. We are always looking at new ways to get an Allett Mower to the end-user, whether for home or professional use. With this in mind, we have developed a brand new way for our customers to purchase an Allett Mower online. In partnership with our UK distributor, Henton & Chattell, we have developed a brand new online portal for our customers to purchase a brand new Allett mower. This new system is perfect for customers who either don’t live in close vicinity to an Allett dealer or for customers who know exactly what mower and model they want. Customers can now visit the full range of Allett mowers on our website as usual, however, with the new purchasing portal, customers can now be only a few clicks away from purchasing an Allett mower. With this new portal available to our customers, we’ve made it easier to see the product you’re interested in, as well as view all details and specs. Get your Allett mower in time for Christmas at www.allettstore.co.uk. Click here to view the full range of Allett Homeowner Mowers. If you are thinking of purchasing an Allett mower and still would like to purchase from an Allett dealer, click here to find your local dealer, or, visit our new online store.
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