Winterising Your Ego Batteries and Stirling Mower- Tips for Storage Over The Cold Months

As the winter season approaches it's essential to prepare not only your mower but also your Ego batteries. Just like your electronic devices like your mobile phone your Ego batteries can be affected by cold temperatures and need proper care during the winter months to ensure they remain healthy ready for spring. In this blog we'll provide you with some valuable tips on how to store your Ego batteries safely over the winter season.


There are a few things you can do with your Stirling mower ahead of winter....

  1. Make sure the battery and safety key are removed and the battery compartment is closed. 
  2. Clean off any debris or grass using a leaf blower/ soft brush or cloth. Use a dry cloth to displace any water. You can use water on your cylinder as long as it is outside of your mower. You can use WD40 on the cylinder to displace any water once you have washed it off.
  3. Get your cylinder professionally sharpened by an Allett dealer. You don't have to take the whole mower in for this you can just remove the cartridge and transport it easily to your local dealer. It may be a good idea to get a service of your mower at the same time to check belts, cables, bearings etc. The benefit of your Stirling is that you have no engine to service!
  4. Finally, cover your mower with a clean waterproof blanket as extra protection from moisture and low temperatures. Don't use a plastic sheet as this will trap moisture and encourage rust and corrosion. If you are storing your mower in your garden shed make sure it is rodent proof and stored off the ground away from any potential water. 


How to look after your Ego battery

  1. Charge to Full Capacity:

Before storing your ego batteries for the winter make sure they are fully charged. A fully charged battery is less likely to freeze and will have a longer lifespan. It's a good idea to maintain a moderate charge level during storage. This can help prevent over-discharge which can be harmful to the battery and you won't be able to recover your battery if it depletes completely. It may be worth checking the charge of your battery throughout the season and recharging if necessary. Recharge only with the chargers specified by the manufacturer.  For best results, your battery should be charged in a location where the temperature is greater than 0° C and less than 40° C.


  1. Disconnect and Power Down:

Once your ego batteries are fully charged, disconnect them from any devices or equipment. Do NOT leave them in the charger as this will deplete the batteries power and overall life. 


  1. Store in a Moderately Warm and Dry Place:

While it's important to protect your Ego batteries from extreme cold, it's equally crucial to keep them away from excessive heat. Store them in a moderately warm and dry place away from direct sunlight, radiators or any other heat sources. Extreme heat (and extreme cold) can damage batteries and reduce their capacity. It would be a good idea to store them in your house and not in a cold wet shed. Store the battery where the temperature is below 26°C and free of moisture.


  1. Use Containers/ A Box

Invest in high-quality, airtight containers designed for battery storage. These containers will protect your Ego batteries from moisture and temperature fluctuations.


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