The Top 10 Affordable Allett Gifts This Christmas

 As Christmas approaches it's the perfect time to treat yourself or the lawn care enthusiast in your life to some innovative tools that will elevate the maintenance of the lawn. Let's explore the top 5 tools from Allett in no particular order......


1. Allett Soil Sampler: Uncover the Secrets of Your Soil

The Allett 10'' Soil Sampler is a must-have tool for any serious lawn enthusiast. Crafted from durable 201 stainless steel this 3/4 diameter core sampler allows you to collect soil samples from different areas of your lawn. Not only can you send these samples off to the lab for testing but you can also visually inspect soil composition and thatch levels. With comfy foam grips and a protective cover for the end this soil sampler provides a convenient and accurate way to understand the unique needs of your lawn.

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2. Allett Soil Probe: The Master Tester for Your Lawn's Well-being

To achieve a thriving lawn understanding its moisture levels, pH, light, and temperature is crucial. The Allett Soil Probe is a versatile tool that helps you obtain accurate readings in the pH range of 4 to 9 ensuring optimal conditions for grass growth. With a length of 200mm this lightweight and easy-to-use probe provide insights into irrigation needs, soil acidity and temperature guiding you to make informed decisions for a healthy lawn. Test your soil temperature ahead of seeding.

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3. Allett Lawn Lute: The Ultimate Weapon for Lawn Perfection

For seeding, turfing, or applying a top dressing to your lawn, the Allett Lawn Lute is a game-changer. With a pivoting clevis connection, a stainless steel build, and a 2m long handle this tool provides maximum reach and efficiency. Choose between the 750mm and 1000mm width options based on your lawn size and levelling preferences. Unlike traditional landscaper's rakes the Lute offers quicker soil movement, better levelling and consolidates the soil making it an ideal choice for achieving a level lawn. Buy yours here


4. Innovative Grooved Front Roller: Elevate Your Lawn Mowing Experience

Upgrade your lawn mower with the innovative grooved front roller from Allett. With 23% of its surface in contact with the ground this roller ensures a cleaner cut, improved straight lining, and enhanced manoeuvrability. Ideal for thicker grasses the grooved roller delivers superior results. While it may not provide the same striping effect as a smooth roller its advantages make it a popular choice for homeowners and professional garden maintenance. Put the smooth front roller back on to achieve great stripes.

17'' Grooved Roller

20'' Grooved Roller


 5. QC/UC Cartridge Stand: Keep Your Cartridges in Order

Complete your Allett collection with the QC Cartridge Stand- a practical accessory to organise and display your UC and QC cartridges. This stand is capable of holding three cassettes and can be wall-mounted or free-standing optimising space in your garden shed or garage. Keep your cartridges in order and easily accessible with this sleek and functional stand. Buy online here or via your local Allett Dealer here



6. Allett Gift Card

Looking to buy the perfect gift for a lawn enthusiast? Why not try one of our gift cards - they can be used towards any ALLETT mower, accessory or item of merchandise. ALLETT Gift Cards are available in denominations from £25 to £500- so spend as little or as much as you want. Buy yours here now! Your friend or family member will receive a unique code which can be applied to the discount code box at checkout. Buy Here



7.  Allett Bobble Hat

Spread warmth and style this holiday season with the Allett Bobble Hat- a cosy and festive accessory that not only keeps your loved ones snug but also adds a touch of winter charm to their festive wardrobe.
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8.  I'm Sexy And I Mow It T-Shirt

Give the gift of confidence and humour with the 'I'm Sexy And I Mow It' T-Shirt from Allett- a playful and stylish choice that will make any lawn enthusiast smile this Christmas." 

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9.  Allett Warning May Spontaneously Talk About Lawns T-Shirt

A light-hearted and amusing Christmas gift that adds a touch of personality to the wardrobe. Mower featured- Allett Kensington

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10.  Allett Lawn Academy Level 1 Qualification

This course is aimed at all levels from lawn passionate homeowners to professional lawncare specialists wanting to take their lawns to the next level and learn more about how to achieve a more impressive and healthy lawn all year round.  In this course you will learn the science behind renovating your lawn this Autumn ensuring it is in tip top shape come the spring. Achieving a beautiful lawn is more than just about cutting the grass. 

We are hoping to launch our Yorkshire based LEVEL 1 course ahead of Christmas. Make sure you click 'Email me when available' and we will send you details 

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