Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Allett Cylinder Lawn Mower for Your Lawn

When you come to decide on what British-made lawn mower to purchase there are a number of things you will be thinking about...
  1. Determine your budget. This will help narrow down your options and ensure that you get the best value for your money. At Allett we have a range of mowers to suit all budgets starting with the Allett Sandringham Electric as our most affordable mower right up to our Allett Buckingham which is a semi-professional mower.
  2. Consider the size of your lawn. If you have a large lawn, you may want to invest in a wider mower that produces wider stripes and one that may be a bit more powerful- you may even want to look at mowers from our Professional Range. On the other hand, a smaller lawn may require a smaller mower that's more manageable around tighter areas. You need to be cutting regularly with a cylinder mower cutting short grass shorter- do you have the time?
  3. Decide between a petrol, electric or battery powered mower. Petrol-powered mowers tend to be more powerful and have a longer range, but they also require more servicing and also produce harmful emissions to the operator. Electric mowers are quieter, easier to maintain, and more environmentally friendly. There are large Ah batteries available now to give you more mowing time and even rapid chargers that can charge a battery in just 35 minutes. The Allett Stirling has bags of power for cultivating down to depths of -14mm. Our battery mowers are cordless giving you an advantage over our electric Sandringham mower so you don't have to drag a cord around your garden.

4. Think about the terrain of your lawn. If you have a hilly or uneven lawn, you may need to look at a rotary mower instead or look at levelling out your lawn.
5. Check the blades of the mower. A  6 blade cartridge is your general purpose cutting cartridge you would use to cut between 20-30mm. A 10 blade cutting cylinder will allow you to mow below 20mm and give you a golf green finish. We fit the 6 blade as standard and have the 10 blade as an optional extra. We feel you will need both at times during the season. The Westminster has a 12 blade cylinder fitted.
6. Consider the height adjustment options. A mower with a wide range of height adjustments will allow you to customize the cutting height to suit your grass type and personal preferences. Our Kensington models, Liberty 43 and Stirling mowers have a much more precise height of cut change than our Liberty 30/35 and Classic mowers. They allow you to change the height of cut incrementally giving you a much more precise height of cut. The NEW Stirling model has a height of cut dial shown in mm.
7. Read reviews from other Allett customers. This can give you a good idea of the pros and cons of different mowers and help you make an informed decision. There is a great community of Allett users on Instagram and Youtube. Just search for #allettmowers.
8. Visit an Allett Dealership to touch and feel a mowerYou can buy from a local Allett dealer to you. Visit their showroom and get a feel for the mower. Expert knowledge is on hand too and they will look after you post purchase for years to come.
9. Check the weight of the mower. Depending on your age a lighter mower may be easier to manoeuvre, especially if you have a smaller lawn or if you have physical limitations.  You may have to lift the mower up and down steps for example. A heavier mower will give you better longer lasting stripes however.
10. Look for additional features that will make your life easier. The Allett Stirling has the HITE-RITE height of cut change which allows you to change the height of cut without the use of tools with a dial that shows you the height of cut in mm. It also allows you to change a cartridge in less than 15 seconds from a cutting cartridge to a cultivation cartridge. The Stirling allows you to operate the cylinder independently to the rear roller drive meaning you can move the mower across paths etc without the cylinder engaged (Pro Drive) and also has a special feature for pulling the mower back at the end of the lawn (Glide-Drive).
11. Consider the noise level of the mower. If you have neighbours close by or if you prefer a quieter mowing experience, you may want to look for an electric mower which is much quieter e.g. the Allett Stirling or the Allett Liberty range mowers.
12. Think about storage If you have limited storage space or if you need to transport the mower frequently, a smaller mower may be more convenient for lifting in and out of the car. 
13. Consider the environmental impact of the mower. Electric mowers are safer for the operator as they do not produce harmful emissions. They are better for the environment also with no risk of oil and fuel spillage. You also wont have all the engine troubles with electric mowers.
14. Does the mower allow you to insert cartridges? In our opinion if you are going to purchase a cylinder mower and achieve a beautiful healthy striped lawn you need a mower that will let you use a range of cartridges. This will save you money in the long run on purchasing stand alone scarifiers etc and also save space in the garage. Some of our mowers are quicker to change cartridges over than others e.g with the Liberty 30 and 35 it is a bit of a longer process to remove a cartridge. You need to remove a belt to take the cartridge out. With the Liberty 43 it is much easier and just a case of removing four side panel screws and two screws either side of the cartridge. With the Allett Stirling it is even quicker and just a case of unlocking the cartridge lever, lifting two clamps and pulling the cartridge out (less than 15 seconds).
15. Does the mower take a trailing seat? If you have a large lawn you may need a trailing seat to save your legs. Our Buckingham is the only mower in the homeowner range that takes a trailing seat.
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