Turfmech Parts Department Relocation Closure

Turfmech Parts Department Relocation Closure Due to the continued growth and expansion of the Allett business, I am pleased to inform you that Allett is announcing it's relocation to new premises. The parts department will be relocating to new premises between Monday 29th January and Monday 12th February. We will, therefore, expect to be closed for business for most of this period. We anticipate deliveries will resume at some stage w/c Monday 5th February but may still be subject to delays until the move is completed by Monday 12 February. The move has been ongoing since the first week in December, and has been a gradual process. The manufacturing department is already moved and settled into Regal House, however the other departments - including parts, design, sales, and admin - will move in February. We’re hoping to be fully settled in by 18th February 2018. The newly named, Regal House in Hixon Airfield Industrial Estate, is built on a decommissioned World War II Air Base, and currently comprises 31 industrial units built in the mid 1970s. In 1942, Hixon became a temporary home to 3,000 airmen from across the world. Named 30 OTU on account of its 30 Wellington Bombers, Hixon's pilots played a major part in the Second World War. The final day for processing orders for dispatch is Friday 26th January. Please accept our apologies for any disruption this may cause. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience whilst we undertake this relocation. Yours Sincerely Allett After Sale
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