Understanding the Differences Between 5-Blade, 6-Blade, and 10-Blade Cylinders

Understanding the Differences Between 5-Blade, 6-Blade, and 10-Blade Cylinders

Cylinder mowers, also known as reel mowers use a rotating cylinder of blades to cut grass. The number of blades on the cylinder affects the mower's performance, cutting quality and suitability for different types of grass and cutting conditions.


Differences Between Blade Counts

5-Blade Cylinder Mower- fitted to our entry level cylinder mowers:


Best For: Coarser grasses and lawns that are not mowed as frequently. Can cope with longer grass
Clip Rate: Lower clip rate compared to mowers with more blades.
Cutting Quality: Provides a decent cut but may not be as smooth as higher-blade mowers.
Height of Cut: Suitable for higher cut heights over 20mm
Usage: Ideal for residential lawns with less frequent mowing schedules.

6-Blade Cylinder Mower: (general purpose cutting cylinder for 20mm and above)

  • Best For: Medium-textured grasses and moderately maintained lawns.
  • Clip Rate: Higher clip rate than 5-blade mowers offering a finer cut.
  • Cutting Quality: Better cutting quality with a smoother finish.
  • Height of Cut: Can handle slightly lower heights of cut compared to 5-blade mowers.
  • Usage: Suitable for homeowners who mow their lawns regularly and want a more polished appearance.


10-Blade Cylinder Mower: Optional cartridge


Best For: Fine grasses such as those on golf greens and ornamental lawns.
Clip Rate: Very high clip rate providing an exceptionally fine cut.
Cutting Quality: Superior cutting quality with a very smooth finish
Height of Cut: Capable of cutting grass at very low heights below 20mm and as low as 3mm.
Usage: Preferred for professional turf management such as on golf courses, bowls and cricket pitches and high-end lawns where aesthetics are paramount.

Benefits of More Blades

Clip Rate:

More blades result in a higher clip rate meaning the mower cuts the grass more frequently as it moves forward. This results in a finer, cleaner cut.


Cutting Quality:
Increased blade count leads to a smoother and more even cut, reducing the risk of scalping and providing a more uniform lawn appearance.


Lower Heights of Cut:
Mowers with more blades can effectively cut grass at lower heights without tearing or damaging it making them ideal for well-manicured lawns and professional turf.



Grass Health:

A clean cut with more blades helps maintain grass health by reducing stress and disease susceptibility. Cleaner cuts heal faster and reduce the chances of fungal infections.
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