What are the benefits of using a germination fleece sheets when seeding your lawn?

Germination fleece sheets are used by lawn owners when renovating each Spring and Autumn. You may have noticed farmers using them to cover vegetables to keep them safe from frosts as well as your local garden centre covering their plants and bulbs over winter. In this blog we'll explore the benefits of using them on our home lawns.


1. Temperature Regulation

Germination is a delicate process that depends heavily on the right temperature. Germination sheets act as nature's thermostat creating a warm and cozy microenvironment for your grass seed. By trapping heat from the sun these sheets elevate the soil temperature by a couple of degrees or more accelerating the germination process. This controlled warmth is especially beneficial in colder climates.


2. Moisture Management

Germination sheets excel in moisture management by preventing excessive evaporation and maintaining a consistent level of dampness in the soil. This retained moisture creates the perfect conditions for seeds to kick-start their growth. Additionally, germination sheets shield the soil from heavy rainfall preventing erosion and ensuring that your seeds remain securely nestled in the soil.


3. Bird Deterrent

Birds pose a significant threat to freshly sown seeds. Germination sheets act as a natural deterrent forming a barrier that keeps birds away. The sheets obscure the seeds from view making it difficult for birds to locate and feast on them. This protective shield not only safeguards your seeds but also gives them the time they need to germinate and establish strong roots before facing the outside world.


Top tips

  • Make sure you weigh the sheeting down with large rocks to stop it blowing away.
  • Once you notice that the grass has started to germinate and grow well you can gradually remove the germination sheets- A 3cm length grass blade is a good length to go by.
  • Seed requires at least 10 degrees ground temperature to germinate so be aware of night time frosts!
  • Use top soil above your seed to help cover the seed even more so from frosts/birds. This also enables seed to soil contact.

Improving these factors above help your lawn germinate quicker which helps if you leave it late and need your lawn to establish before the frosts arrive. The sheets will also act as a wind deterrent and will help stop weed seeds from landing. Builders merchants sell large rolls of strong polythene sheeting or you can pop to your local garden centre who may cut you a section off their roll.

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