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Comparing the Allett UC Groomer Cartridge with the Verticut Cartridge

Allett have recently introduced the NEW UC Groomer cartridge available for the Stirling 43 and Stirling 51. We're going to compare this new groomer cartridge with our well-known verticut cartridge highlighting their differences and unique benefits.


Introduction to the UC Groomer Cartridge

The Allett UC Groomer cartridge enhances the Stirling mower’s flexibility, building upon its already incredible cylinder mowing capabilities. This cartridge was developed in response to requests from our customers including lawn expert Daniel Hibbert. After extensive testing, we optimised the blade spacing to 21 mm, allowing for much more intensive disruption of the sward.


Key Features of the Groomer Cartridge

  1. Blade Design and Spacing: The groomer uses blades similar to saw blades, spaced at 21 mm. This design ensures shallow yet intensive cultivation ideal for removing brown, dying material and stimulating new growth by cutting surface stolons.
  2. Improved Water and Nutrient Penetration: The shallow cuts help water and nutrients penetrate the soil better promoting a healthier lawn.
  3. Regular Use: The groomer cartridge can be used more frequently during the growing season without spoiling the lawn’s appearance, unlike deeper cutting tools.
  4. Enhanced Grass Density: By regularly combing and aligning the grass plants the groomer increases the sward's leaf density and vertical growth, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing lawn.
  5. Attack weeds: The closer blade spacing helps attack poa annua and other weeds giving them a really hard time.


Introduction to the Verticut Cartridge

The verticut cartridge is designed for deeper cultivation, making it suitable for removing thatch and deeper disruption of the sward. It's an excellent tool for maintaining lawn health, particularly for controlling annual meadow grass.


Key Features of the Verticut Cartridge

  1. Deeper Cutting: The verticut cartridge is intended to cut deeper into the sward making it more disruptive but highly effective at thatch removal and aeration.
  2. Wider Blade Spacing: With fewer blades spaced further apart, the verticut cartridge can handle more aggressive cultivation, suitable for deeper lawn maintenance tasks.
  3. Less Frequent Use: Due to its deeper cutting action, the verticut cartridge is used less frequently to avoid excessive disruption and damage to the lawn.


Comparing the Two Cartridges

  1. Blade Density and Spacing: The groomer has more blades at closer spacing (21 mm) compared to the verticut, resulting in a more intensive but shallower cut.  (24 blades compared to 13 on the UC43G-17'' Groomer). 28 instead of 15 on the UC51G (20'' Groomer).
  2. Depth of Cut: The verticut goes deeper, making it suitable for more substantial thatch removal while the groomer works closer to the surface for regular maintenance.
  3. Impact on Lawn Appearance: The groomer’s shallow cuts leave minimal visible disruption allowing for frequent use whereas the verticut’s deeper cuts can leave small scars depending on depth.
  4. Power Requirements: The groomer requires more power due to the higher blade density especially at the same depth as the verticut. This cartridge has been designed for the Stirling models only (it will fit in the other models however we have not tested it for the other models).
  5. Material Removal: The groomer focuses on removing surface-level dead material and aligning grass plants while the Verticut targets deeper thatch and root-level disruptions.


    Both the groomer and verticut cartridges are valuable tools in the Allett Stirling system each serving distinct purposes. The groomer cartridge excels in frequent, shallow and intensive maintenance enhancing the lawn's overall appearance and health. The verticut cartridge, on the other hand, is perfect for deeper, less frequent interventions that ensure long-term lawn vitality. By using these cartridges strategically you can achieve a perfect and healthy lawn year-round.

    Find our Groomer video here


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