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Grooved Roller
Grooved Roller
NEW 20'' Allett Grooved Front Roller (Homeowner)
NEW 20'' Allett Grooved Front Roller (Homeowner)

NEW 20'' Allett Grooved Front Roller (Homeowner)

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20'' Grooved Front Roller

This will fit the following models; Allett Kensington 20B/H, Stirling 51

 The innovative grooved roller is a great addition to your lawncare equipment and is a game changer for those wanting to achieve the most superior cuts. 

The grooved roller has 23% of its surface area in contact with the ground compared to 100% with the smooth front roller therefore only 23% of the grass is being layed down ahead of cutting and more grass is presented to the bottom blade. This will give you a cleaner cut leaving less stragglers.

Straight lining is much improved with the grooved roller making the mower more manoeuvrable around the garden resulting in the most perfectly straight stripes. 

 Steel shaft- rest of roller is made of aluminium


Benefits of the Grooved Roller:

  • A much cleaner cut- Helps your cylinder cut every blade of grass perfectly
  • No scalping compared to the auxiliary wheels
  • Great for thicker/established dense grasses where striping isn't paramount but quality of cut is
  • Improved straight lining
  • Useful if not mowing as often as you should be and the grass is longer


  • Poor striping compared to the smooth roller
  • Ground pressure higher in wet conditions so the mower can sink in with the grooved roller (put your smooth back on)


Note we are offering the grooved front roller as an optional extra. You will need to re-fit the smooth roller to achieve the very best stripes. The grooved roller will be a popular choice for the homeowner as well as professional garden maintenance companies and groundsmen.

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