"I felt that this was my opportunity of saying THANK YOU to all those in all departments of the NHS that have put themselves in harm's way to look after us." 

(Andrew Wain, WINNER)


It’s been a tough year for everyone going through the coronavirus pandemic but homeowners all around the world have had a great excuse to get in their garden to work on their Allett Creative Lawn Stripes competition entries. The competition is run annually with all entries welcome, regardless of how big or small your lawn is. We encourage homeowners to use their lawns to design the most creative, eye catching designs that truly shows off the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into grass maintenance.

This year we have been forever grateful for the NHS and this year’s winning entry is a lovely tribute to them. Andrew Wain (Head Gardener of Euridge Manor) has placed high in our stripes competition for the last few years and this year has gone one better! Euridge Manor is a private estate in Chippenham, UK. The estate regularly holds weddings and has 40 booked in for next year. Andrew has faced the battles of having wedding guests walking over his entries in previous years and marquees on the lawn. We feel this entry reflects the theme of the year with the coronavirus pandemic and the different patterns Andrew has made use of no matter which way you look at the design is incredible. Well done! 

"I had originally planned to create a flower pattern on the lawn but as the pattern evolved, as did Covid. I felt that this was my opportunity of saying THANK YOU to all those in all departments of the NHS that have put themselves in harms way to look after us. It is also my way of saying thank you to all those in the NHS who have cared for relatives of mine who in the last few years and indeed weeks lost their battles with cancer. So that is where I came up with the idea of the butterfly. To carry the thank-you message. The Allett creative stripes competition has encouraged me to turn the lawn at Euridge Manor, into a piece of art. I encourage anyone to have a go, as it is great fun. And adds a whole new dimension of creativity to the garden." (Andrew Wain, 2020 Lawn Stripes Winner)


We've officially launched this year's competition! If you think that striped lawns are limited to the homes of the British, you need to look at some of the past entries. Striped lawns used to be the preserve of the British garden, but now keen gardeners from around the globe compete each year for this coveted green award. 


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