ALLETT CC2010 20
ALLETT CC2010 20


The 10 blade cutting cylinder and bottom blade are made of hardened and ground steel. The benefit to a 10 blade over a 6 blade is a finer cut, meaning more precision. This cylinder is perfect for fine turf sports such as golf and cricket. If you want to achieve a golf green finish you need to be mowing at the lower heights of cut. At lower heights of cut, the standard 6 blade cartridge will not be fine enough to achieve the results you want. Clip rate increases from 79-131 cuts per metre by inserting this cartridge.

Cylinder type mowers use a revolving cylinder made of several curved blades and one stationary blade (the cutting bar). When these meet as the cylinder rotates, it imitates a scissor-like cutting action which leaves the end of the blades of grass sharp and level.

If managed correctly, cylinder cutters are superior to rotary cutters because of that scissor-type cutting motion as it is more precise, for a more even finish. Cylinder mowers need less maintenance than a rotary mower, requiring periodic adjustments to maintain the quality of the cut and occasional sharpening, but not much additional maintenance.

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