ALLETT CC346F/2 34
ALLETT CC346F/2 34


The blades of the 6 blade cutting cylinder are no less superior than the 10 blade cylinder.

The 6 blade quick-change cartridge’s cylinder and bottom blade are made of hardened and ground steel.


A mower with fewer blades will generally cope better with longer, thicker or damp grass, as there is more room for the clippings to pass through. With a higher number of blades, you achieve more cuts per distance travelled, meaning a slightly sharper cut.

The type of area you will be cutting will best determine which cylinder is the most appropriate. For example, on a football pitch, the 6 blade would do more than suffice as growth can be longer. However, on golf greens where the grass must be evenly cut, uniform and a shorter length (around 3mm final cut) a 10 blade would be more appropriate.

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