ALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty Mower
ALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty MowerALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty MowerALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty MowerALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty MowerALLETT Battery 40V 4Ah for Liberty Mower


 40V/4Ah Greenworks Removable Battery (Code G40B4)

  • Our battery-powered products are powered by highly efficient lithium-ion batteries, built for effortless performance and better results. 40v Greenworks Batteries are designed to offer maximum simplicity, convenience and versatility. This with a range of options, enabling you to feel empowered by the smart and easy-to-use solutions making gardening more enjoyable. Quick to recharge and even quicker to switch. Zero fumes, no maintenance, no hassle.


  • Whether using in your Allett Liberty lawn mower, chainsaw or hedge trimmer: The 40V 4.0Ah battery is the ideal versatile power source for all your Greenworks tools. An integrated LED indicator shows you the battery's charging status. No more wasting time guessing whether the battery is charged. Just press a button to see how much charge you have left during use and when the battery will be fully charged afterwards.


  • Greenworks batteries are not only powerful, but also particularly durable: thanks to the integrated deep discharge protection, the battery life is significantly extended, while there is no risk of a memory effect when charging. This means you can charge the battery at any time, regardless of the current charge level! In addition, the practical and robust design gives the 40V Li-Ion battery optimal protection from the outside.

  • The lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in no time with the separately available universal charger. Long enough to take a well-deserved break; short enough to quickly get back to gardening at full power. Never again be held back by too long charging times and enjoy efficient gardening instead - without tangled cables or dangerous trip hazards.


2 Years warranty from Greenworks 40v Batteries

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''Excellent performance in my Allett Liberty 35''  Graham Murden (Liberty 35 owner)

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