Our iconic British-built mowers are the best way to maintain luxury-grade lawns and sports surfaces.

Why are ALLETT® cylinder mowers the obvious choice?

It's your decision; do you want an area of cut grass or a real lawn? If you just want your grass cutting, you may decide on a rotary machine, but if you want a beautifully presented lawn like those you see at premier league football grounds you should choose an Allett cylinder mower. High quality, luxury grade lawns and sports surfaces are mown with ALLETT cylinder mowers. Their superior cut, levelness of finish and production of strong stripes makes them the obvious choice.



Sports Pro


It's Evolution...


Stirling Electric Mowers

Introducing our new range of battery-powered striping mowers. Ultra quiet, zero-emission mowing - by ALLETT.

QC Lawncare System

ALLETT mowers will take care of every aspect of your lawn care. We have 6 interchangeable cartridges to choose from.

Made in Britain

Every mower we sell is proudly made in our Staffordshire factory by our incredibly skilled and knowledgable workforce.

UK Service Network

We have a dedicated network of specialist service engineers so that help is always at hand.

News & Events

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